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Using the Enset for Hand Engraving and stone setting    Enset Plus

Enset Engraving Tool for hand Engraving and Stone Setting   Enset Plus



Our Mission Statement:

The Engravers Studio will provide easy access to learning through the use of technology. Our mission is to globalize the learning of the art of engraving and techniques for stone setting through the use of technology by bringing together the highest quality of instruction available in the world today.

Imagine being able to study with a world class engraver from almost anywhere in the world right in your own home or workshop -- not by watching a video but actually working one on one with them.

This is an opportunity to promote peace through art with the interaction of people throughout the world.

How it Works

The classes are held in your own home or workshop via the Internet. This isn't your typical online course. These are courses taught live by professional engravers and stone setters. This system utilizes high quality video conferencing technology. It's a live course in real time in which you will view your instructor and he or she can view you as well as all other participants in the class if you choose to do so. It will be as if you are in a class room setting except you will be in the comfort of your own environment.

This means that your costs will be reduced significantly, since there is no expense for transportation, meals, or lodging.


Courses will be offered in a two-week format; meeting three or four hour sessions every other day. The off days will give students time to practice and absorb what they have learned.This method is more conducive to learning than the traditional five-day training which compacts the learning with no opportunity for practice, resulting in less retention of the material. 

Live support will be available on non class days.The class times can be tailored for evening hours so that a person can go about their normal daily activities. This means little or no time off work. For the busy jeweler, taking a class after closing time would mean no lost revenue as well as time away from business, while increasing their skills so they can remain competitive in today's market.

This also means that classes will have to be scheduled for the different time zones Since we are on EST, it will be necessary to schedule morning hours for western time zones when time away from work isn't possible.

For the workshop who has several people at the bench, we can customize a class to fit your needs.

One on one training is also offered on an hourly basis. It can be scheduled whenever it's convenient for the student for one session or weekly, if desired. Imagine taking a class and then a week or even a few months later being able to schedule time when it's most convenient for you, especially at those times when you come up against a hurdle that can't be overcome.


What will happen after you sign up for a class? You will be directed to a website that will test your computer's connection and bandwidth. If your ratings are inadequate, then we can direct you to upgrading what's necessary to make it work or your deposit will be refunded. Generally, a computer bought within the last three years will meet the requirements. A week before the course begins you will be sent a high quality camera and sound system to use during the class. Also you will receive a packet with necessities to complete the course as well as a list of supplies you will need.   enset enset plus orbital ring fixture inside ring fixture engraver.com tira mitchell syenset

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New ! ARTESA   engraving machine 
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We Support The Foundation Fighting Blindness

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