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About Us

The Engravers Studio was established by Christian DeCamillis so that professionals as well as hobbyists interested in pursuing the Art of Engraving could have an enjoyable cost efficient and highly technological source for learning new skills as well as adding to someones already skill set.

Christian's background in the jewelery field spans over 35 years. The last fifteen years he has concentrated his time in the engraving field while still maintaining a grasp in the jewelry field. He is an accomplished bench jeweler, with skills such as stone setting, wax carving, fabrication of fine jewelery. He also is a master engraver obtaining that status while studying in Italy at the renowned studio of Cesare Giovanelli under master engraver, Dario Cortini. He has studied here in America under Ralph Bone at the GRS Training Center, as well as participating in the Grand Master's Program working with Philip Grifnee, Ken Hunt, Martin Strolz, and Creative Art, also studying stone setting with Alexandre Sidirov of Antwerp, Belgium.

Christian also spent nine months in Emporia, Kansas, as the first professor of Engraving Arts at Emporia State University helping to establish this newly-developed program which was the brought fruition with the help of Glendo Corporation and the Glaser family who provided an endowment to the University. He also taught courses at the GRS Training Center for eight years, as well as teaching courses in Belgium and Sweden. He's had students from all over the world and enjoys the interactions with people from these varied backgrounds. In addition to teaching, he also participated as a demonstrator of the GRS products for engraving and jewelry at various trade shows throughout the world. 

With this new endeavor, he hopes to bring together technology and tradition to help purvey the art of engraving. 

Special Announcements

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New ! ARTESA   engraving machine 
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