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Quotes I was one of the five students in the first Scroll Drawing class held online. I think my ability to draw scrolls made a quantum leap in quality. Chris spent more than the allotted time with the class and even scheduled a recap for the class a week later to see how we were doing. I plan on doing some more of the distance learning in the future so I decided to buy my own Microsoft LifeCam Cinema webcam (the one Chris sends you on loan for his classes). This most certainly beats traveling, staying in hotels, etc. when you can get basically the same thing in your own studio. I highly recommend Chris' classes to jump start your engraving skills and creativity! Quotes
Scroll Drawing Class

Quotes I think I am one of MAESTRO CHRIS's first Foreign fully-fledged weekly Students who has benefitted tremendously from his ON-LINE tuition. We only had to acquire a better up-to-date computer, a web cam and ensure that we had the necessary BANDWIDTH to be able to communicate properly. And the rest is now history !!! MAESTRO CHRIS has been most accomodating, understanding and encouraging. A better teacher one will have to try very hard to find. He has on numerous occassions spent more than the allocated Hour on every Lesson with us and the criterion with Him has always been that the Student ought to benefit and learn well from His tutor. We have never known nor experienced such magnanimity from any Teacher in our entire life and MAESTRO CHRIS is indeed as rare as they come. We wish him every success here and may His shadow always stay Long. LORD BLESS aRM Quotes

Quotes I've just set up and started using these templates in the QC sharpening fixture (from Chris DeCamillis)- what a neat job this does on repeated and repeatable sharpening!!! Very slick stuff! Quotes
QC sharpener templates

Quotes Just finished my first side of my first pistol. My weekly visits with Chris has paid off. There are errors that a seasoned engraver will see but its my first gun that I have put graver to and that makes me very satisfied. I will post the picture where I can find a place. Quotes
my first

Quotes I have just finished a one one one training session with Chris, what a great way to learn, live audio/video feeds of Chris as he goes thru each stage of the lesson, switching between Microscope and drawing table, and Chriss' constant dialogue explaing each step of the process as he goes, and all this is happening 10,000 miles away (I live in Oz). I had expected the video to drop out or stutter, but for more than an hour I had excellant feeds, its just like looking over His shoulder but perhaps better. I can't reccommend engraversstudio.com highly enough, if you cant attend a real live class Quotes

Quotes I took Chris' class on drawing basic scrolls, and was not only very pleased with the presentation and content, but amazed at how well the technology actually worked in this setting! So pleased, that I have since signed up for two more classes- Catharine C. Kennedy aka Cloudy Quotes
very satified student

Quotes I have had the good fortune to be Chris's first online student. The experience has been better than expected. I already had a good internet connection and only needed to purchase a $130.00 webcam. Once I installed the camera Chris and I could talk and view the work over the internet. Chris's setup is first rate. I can see His work through the microscope better than being in a class room and looking at a monitor. Then he switches to another camera and we can talk layout and design as he demonstrates exactly what we are talking about as if we are in the same room but better because I don't have to look over anyone'sshoulders. What I like about the internet class as opposed to the one week class is that I get the information in the quantity that I can handle now and build on it next week. it's like music lessons. Review last weeks work, introduce new information and go practice it for the following week. Always building new skills. Just the right learning experience for me. Quotes
Ron Finch

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