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Throttle Command Module


  Throttle Command Module™ for Gravermax 


The new Throttle Command Module™ with Integral Silencer, which finally allows engravers to precisely (& quietly) tune foot pedal response to individual handpieces, pressures & impact speeds. Ever notice when switching from small handpieces to large ones, pedal travel to initiate impacting increases dramatically? Small handpieces come on quickly, but bigger models requiring greater airflow can take 5°-6° of pedal rotation-as much as 25% of total travel*- just to get the piston moving. Not confidently knowing exactly when it's going to kick in and having to physically & mentally adjust between lighter & heavier work is an unsettling sensation. But the Throttle Command Module™ allows fine-tuning for consistent response with any handpiece, at any pressure & impact speed, in just a few seconds! No changing pressure, etc., just a simple procedure that takes less time to do than explain. It's even possible to set a very fine "idle" with the piston gently oscillating without impacting. Some may find this preferable as the piston is already slightly in motion- rather than having to overcome the stationary inertia of the piston at rest with every cut- which provides an even more immediate, more gradual, more predictable handpiece response.


Just as importantly, once installed with system properly adjusted (about 5 minutes), you'll be using ALL of the most sensitive range of the bleed valve, especially new 'progressive' throttles. What's the point of having an ultra-fine valve if it rotates completely past that section before anything happens with most handpieces?

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