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Gravermax Rehab Kit


Get your System running like new !


Engraving is a very exacting operation- one of the most demanding of all human endeavors. Doing it with anything less than a perfectly tuned machine doesn't make artistic or economic sense. While these units are very well engineered, they don't work perfectly right up until the very moment they don't work at all


If your GraverMax is more than a few years old or has high operating hours, it most likely suffers from 'hardening of the arteries'. Ozone generated by the motor degrades the internal tubing (similar to UV exposure), making it stiff and prone to rupture. Once soft & supple, it becomes like brittle wax. The result is sluggish pedal response and erratic handpiece performance. This happens very gradually- you probably don't even realize how much it's affecting your machine- or your engraving!


The G-Max ReHab Kit is the cure!

In about a half hour, you can install fresh, flexible tubing and breathe new life into your tired machine. The real advantage to this kit is the handy Clean-out Tool, which turns the drudgery of digging decayed tubing out of the brass fittings into a few quick twists of the wrist! If you're at all adept with basic tools (you can engrave, right?), your machine will be running like new in less time than it would take to pack & ship for service, at a fraction of the cost! No packing, no shipping, no waiting, no lost shop time, no hassle- you're back in business in minutes! Even if you're not a big believer in the 'preventive' part of preventive maintenance, wouldn't be nice to know you can deal with a failed tube whenever it happens?

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