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HSS Graver Blanks for Stainless Steel


These HSS graver blanks measure 3/32 x 3/32 inch square by 3 inches in length.

metric = 2.35 x 2.35 x 64 mm


They have been heat treated to perform well for engraving in stainless steel (inox) They have just the right of toughness and hardness plus edge holding while cutting in stainless.


It is recommended to use a lubricant when cutting stainless with them. Cutting speeds and rigidity of the work piece also aids in the performance of these gravers. As with any cutting point a micro radius on the cutting point can help in reducing fractures.  These gravers will normally become dull rather than fracture which can cause damage to your work piece.


Our testing has shown that they out perform many other HSS like M42 which is a good choice for stainless.


These gravers polish well and are also a good choice for other metal such as gold silver platinum as well as other steels copper and brass.


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