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En-Set Plus


The En-set Plus is a dual mode system for engraving and stone setting. It incorporates the same operating system as the Original En-Set as well as a second mode that allows the operator to select the desired stroke speed . It can be switched between the two modes by simply pushing a button.

All the displays are digital readouts The controlls for pressure and stroke speed are changed by pushing the appropriate button,

The system includes the controller with a self purging micron filter that can be installed on the back of the unit or mounted remotely. A high quality pedal to control the stroke speeds. A hand piece including three striker heads of various weights. By changing the striker heads you essentially have a different hand piece. The advantage is there is no need to purchase more hand pieces.

There is a two year limited warranty against all manufacturing defects.

We offer on line support using skype. If yolu need assistance you can schedule some time using skype which will allow us to actual show you and help with any issues you may have. This service is free of charge. It requires you to have skype.

For more info watch the video on the home page.

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