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Italian Master Engravers Tour - 2013


The Engravers Studio and the co-authors of the series “Masters Engravers of Italy”, Dr. Elena Micheli-Lamboy and Stephen Lamboy, are proud to offer the Italian Masters Engravers Tour, scheduled for June 22 - 29, 2013.
Participants will depart the United States on June 22, Arriving in Italy the next day. Your arrival destination is Malpensa Airport Milan. We will shuttle you to Marcheno, a small village north of Brescia where we will stay in  a family owned “trattoria”, a small hotel with a restaurant serving typical foods of the region.
Each day will be spent visiting engravers, gun manufacturers, and firearms museums. Also included is a day trip to Venice and shopping in the city of Brescia.
On this tour you will visit the following Italian Master Engravers:    
   -   Giancarlo and Stefano Pedretti
   -    Manrico Torcoli
   -    Gianfranco Pedersoli
   -    Firmo and Francesca Fracassi
   -    Creative Art
   -    Bottega Giovanelli di Cesare Giovanelli  
   -    Mario Terzi
Mario Terzi and Dario Cortini of Bottega Incisioni will offer a 1 ½ hour training/tutoring in enamel technique and bulino.  
There will be a tour of the Beretta Museum where you will experience some of the most exquisite engraved firearms of Beretta and other makers dating back to the 1500s
We will visit the factory of Zoli Antonio firearms,  a medium-sized manufacturer where some of the best sporting and hunting firearms in the world are designed and built today. In contrast you will also be able to spend time at Luciano Bosis Firearms: a small boutique maker of high grade guns where much of the work is still produced in the traditional manner. During our visits everyone will have the opportunity to meet and speak with the masters through our interpreter, Dr. Elena Micheli-Lamboy and her husband Stephen Lamboy. Elena was born and raised in Gardone and has been involved in the firearms trade there and in many other regions of the world for over 15 years. She is fluent in English as well as German and of course Italian. Stephen, of former Ithaca Classic Doubles, has also been deeply involved in the gun making and engraving business for over 20 years. Their understanding of the business as well as the art of engraving makes them the perfect people to interpret your questions. Together they are also the co-authors of  a series of  books about the Master Engravers of Italy published by Blue Book Inc. they will soon be working on a book about Master Engraver Manrico Torcoli the fifth in a series including Gioncarlo Pedersoli ,Firmo & Francessca Fracassi, GS Pedretti and Mario Terzi ( http://www.elenamicheli.com/
We will spend one full day in Venice. It's a must see if you are visiting the northern region of Italy. If you have ever dreamed of taking a ride in a gondola or standing in ST. Mark's Square, this is your opportunity.
We will spend one afternoon in Brescia where we will visit the firearms museum within the Roman Castle of Brescia, as well as the proof house and gun store. There will be time for shopping as well.
The cost of our standard tour is 3800.00 USD per person, which includes all ground transportation , lodging ,all meals, beverages, museum tickets, and transfers. 
The price is based on an exchange rate of 1.4 and guaranteed not to be higher. At the current exchange rate the trip cost is approximately 3500.00USD. The price will become fixed at the time of travel but will not exceed the guaranteed price of 3800.00USD. So at the time of travel if the exchange rate is lower your cost will be adjusted. For couples or anyone willing to share a room,there will be a discount of approximately 400.00 USD total between 2 persons because  rooms are priced per room  not per persons.
There is a ten person minimum for the tour.
If you are interested in joining us or have further questions  reserve your place by sending an email to chrisdecamillis@hotmail.com Once  the minimum number is met we will  request a deposit of $1000.00 USD. Reservations must be confirmed and a deposit made by June 1, 2013        

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